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This Page will have information about Tenterden, some of which I have already started to add below

Railway section, for any train fans!

images/125/tenterden_railway_yard_large.jpg images/125/tenterden_railway_station_large.jpg images/125/tenterden_railway_signals_large.jpg

It’s not all work here at Busbys - We are located in the lovely country town of Tenterden, in the County of Kent. We have put together a few photographs to give you a feel of the area. Just click on any photo to enlarge it. Hope you enjoy the views!

The Local Church - Superb architecture!

images/125/church_large.jpg images/125/tenterden_church_large.jpg images/125/tenterden_church_door_large.jpg

Click the photo for a better view of this unusual photograph


View from our old office across the Weald to the North Downs, Wye, Challock and Ashford.

images/125/Ashford_Wye_North_Downs_Woodchurch_large.jpg images/125/Busbys_Leigh_Green_Office_large.jpg images/125/Challock_Ashford_large.jpg images/125/Challock_Charing_large.jpg

Tenterden and the surrounding area is a wonderful place to visit and wander around. It has a wealth of sights to see, from the well-preserved railway infrastructure through to many extremely old and important listed buildings.

Although Tenterden is an impressive place to visit architecturally, it is also a well-developed centre of commerce for the local area.

Local shops and businesses thrive here providing goods and services to the area. We heartily encourage you to pay us a visit!